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So what about Domestic Travel Insurance?

While most Australian's already have medical cover (either through a private health fund or Medicare), meaning that medical expenses are already covered when travelling domestically, there are a few reasons to consider travel insurance when travelling within Australia.

Cancellation - if you have spent a lot of money on your holiday then adding travel insurance in case something goes wrong and you're forced to cancel can lessen the expense.

Baggage Cover - when travelling with electronics or valuables its a good idea to have them insured in case of theft, loss or damage.

Car Hire Excess - a helpful tip: you can save money using travel insurance to cover the collision damage excess, rather than paying the car hire company's insurance charge.

Most common insurance events include:

- flight or tour cancelled

- flight delayed by more than 12 hours

- missed connecting flight

- lost, damaged or stolen luggage

- lost, damaged or stolen cash or items

- forced to cancel trip before departure

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