• Zoe Eagleton

Catching up with Grand Pacific Tours in New Zealand

Last week Zoe and Alwyn were lucky enough to rendezvous with one of the four Grand Pacific Tours Ultimate New Zealand coaches in Rotorua on the North Island.

Greeted by the jovial driver/guide Chris Hannah they were welcomed onto the coach immediately with the kiwi kindness we have heard about.

Zoe had been on this beautiful vehicle a couple of years ago but wanted Alwyn to see its beauty and comfort.

This state of the art full size coach (13.5 metres long) which would normally house 48 seats has been configured with only 20 luxury leather seats complete with incredible amenities. These vehicles have been purpose built for Grand Pacific Tours boasting a cutting edge design with the very latest finishes.

But it all starts before that. From your travel agent experience receiving your documentation pack including a durable travel bag, toiletry wet pack, personal name badge, laundry bag, luggage label, ticket wallet and all the paper goodies you are to look forward to receiving when you join this luxury tour.

And that's not all, when you board the coach on day one you also find a water bottle, headphones and even a tin of mints awaiting you at your seat.

Taking a seat and taking in the surroundings of your seat there is USB ports in your wood grain tray table and knobs and buttons to adjust your sound and your seat. Who doesn't love playing with those knobs and buttons!

Halfway up the coach Alwyn happily checked out the magazine rack and galley with its very own cold water drinking fountain (to fill your water bottle of course) and even a refrigerator. Oh and he located the bathroom as well!

While Alwyn explored the coach and played with those knobs and buttons (yes we knew he would) Zoe threw question after question at Chris who answered every one one of them without faltering. He knew his stuff alright! I guess he had to being both the Coach Director and Driver. It takes skill to do both at once.

Both suitably impressed, Zoe and Alwyn went off to dinner after farewelling Coach Captain Chris who even gave restaurant recommendations free of charge with a smile. Ahhh the Kiwi Kindness!

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